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As from 1 April 2015, it has been a requirement that all dairy products carrying the Red Tractor logo have to use milk that has been hauled by a DTAS approved haulier.

Red Tractor Farm Standards cover the on-farm elements of milk production, with DTAS sitting as part of the chain of assurance transporting milk from farm to processor/manufacturer.

Over 95% of milk produced in the UK comes from assured farms. For a farm to be Red Tractor Assured an assessment visit to determine compliance against a number of standards must be undertaken at least once every 18 months. The standards cover all aspects of the farm management, including physical set up of the unit, policies and records, which in turn cover animal health and welfare, environmental protection, food safety and traceability. The standards can be viewed on the Red Tractor website, as can the Dairy Standards Checklist

As a certification process the assessors looks at the farm as presented on the day but the scheme is looking to promote 365 day compliance with the requirements, common non-conformances are noted and guidance provided to help members understand the risks for these to food product, stock and brand reputation.

Policies also play a part in the standards, all farms must display a contingency/emergency plan that is accessible along with a protocol on the wash routine of the plant.

As hauliers of assured products there is the responsibility to ensure ‘assured’ farms are current. Red Tractor have an on-line checker service, which hauliers can sign up to, which will allow you to check the status of farms.  By the nature of the process there may be some suppliers who are not meeting the standards so will have their certificate of assurance either suspended or withdrawn.

If you have a serious concern over non-compliance to Red Tractor Standards:

  • Speak to the Red Tractor Team directly on 0203 617 3670
  • Or, should you wish to remain anonymous, report online at:


All complaints are treated con´Čüdentially by Red Tractor and Safecall and will be thoroughly investigated.

If required, appropriate action will be taken to resolve any issues.