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DTAS Awareness Courses to be held on 12th June (SJ Bargh Ltd, Lancaster) and 26th June (Dale Farm / Bibby Distribution, Pennybridge depot, Northern Ireland)

These one-day courses are ideal for any representative of a haulier, milk purchaser or any other business who wishes to gain a good understanding of how the DTAS Scheme operates, and how it affects their business, without them necessarily wishing to train as a DTAS assessor.

They cover all the DTAS Standards, and will focus on what is required to comply with them, and include practical elements. There will also be opportunities for discussion and to share good practice.

The course is delivered by Charlton Agricultural Solutions - full details can be found here.

As well as the previously announced course on 12th June at SJ  Bargh, Lancaster, we are pleased to announce that a course is being held in Northern Ireland for the first time (at Dale Farm / Bibby Distribution, Pennybridge) on 26th June.

If you are interested in participating in either course please contact Paul Charlton (the course facilitator) on 07742 410742 or email pcharlton.cas@btinternet.com



DTAS Awareness Course

DTAS already runs training courses for those people who wish to become qualified as assessors under the DTAS Scheme. 

We have also received a number of enquiries from people who wish to gain a good and effective understanding of the DTAS Standards, but do not wish to become assessors.

In response, a DTAS Awareness Course has been developed for Managers, Supervisors and new personnel of hauliers and milk purchasers to improve their knowledge of the Standards, and how they need to be applied within their organisation. It covers all the DTAS Standards, focusing on what is required to comply with them, and also includes practical elements. 

Courses can either be arranged for an individual business, and could be tailored to specific needs, or may be arranged to meet demand within a locality for a number of businesses or interested parties. 

Full details are available here.

If you have questions, or require further information, please contact Paul Charlton by phone on 07742 410742 or by email at pcharlton.cas@btinternet.com





















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