Dairy Transport Assurance Scheme

Dairy UK

Associate Members


The following organisations are Associate Members of DTAS.

ADL Associates (Warwick) Ltd www.adlassociates.co.uk
Bridgwater Tankwash * https://www.bridgwatertankwash.com/
C.I.P Services  http://ciped.co.uk/
The Cool Ice Box Company Ltd http://www.coolicebox.com/
Crossland Tankers   http://www.crosslandtankers.com/
David Starkey Ltd    http://www.starkeytankers.co.uk/
Gardner Denver Ltd http://www.gardnerdenver.com/
GEA Process Technologies Ireland Ltd https://www.gea.com/ireland
G.Magyar SA http://www.gmagyar.com/
Kiowa Ltd http://www.kiowa.co.uk/
Meller Flow Trans Ltd http://melleruk.com/
Piper Systems Ltd http://www.pipersystems.com/
Sayers Road Tankers Ltd http://www.sayerstankers.co.uk/
Systemic UK Ltd   http://www.systemic.uk.com/
TCL Tanker Rental Limited http://www.tcl-tankers.com/
TIP Europe Ltd      http://www.tipeurope.com/
Tor Trucks Ltd http://tortrucks.co.uk/


* Providing tank wash facilities only and not a CIP service


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